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Re-Brand & Website Development.

The Jag Workshop Case Study

As a growing business, expanding to reach new customers, The Jag Workshop required an online presence. The primary goal was to develop a responsive and engaging website allowing customers to view all services provided and give them the option to book online. We aimed to make it as user friendly as possible, ensuring that customers could navigate with ease towards using the online booking function which as a result, improved business continuity.

The Jag Workshop is West London’s leading independent Service Centre specialising in the service, repair and renovation of classic & modern Jaguar and Daimler cars.


The original site was very outdated, complicated to navigate and non-responsive on mobile devices. It lacked branding, colour palette and personality. Any customer wanting to learn more about the business and its services, would open a site that did not exude the fundamental description of Jaguar cars - luxury and prestige.


Identifying the ideal customer and recreating their experience in connection to a business that provides a service with the utmost proficiency and precision. We worked closely with the owner creating a roadmap to understand the business gaps. This gave us the ability to solve, create and build a website that would improve the customer’s online journey and stay in tune with the element of elegance and class. A website redesign along with a fresh rebrand was essential for the business to maintain their identity of luxury, provide a modern image and motivate their customers' perception of loyalty.

Customer Research

Discovering the ideal customer meant researching who the average Jaguar driver is. This included average age, whether they were working or retired, and other general factors that would play a role in how we design the website.

After conducting a small study group, we discovered our target audience, where we were able to identify the improvements for the redesigning. Some of the key factors were related to the accessibility of the original website. Suggestions we acquired were to increase the font size and make CTAs easier to identify.

Customer Journey

Website Wireframe

Using Figma we started the process by creating desktop wireframes. Taking our user research and comparing other industry competitors, we were able to map out a journey that would give the customer a fluid experience and as a result, create high conversion rates and gain more new customers.

Design & Branding

To start with, we created a design system which contained the primary, secondary and tertiary brand colours that would be used across the site. Along with a colour palette we chose to use the typefaces with the cleanest look and that was easily readable. 

For the services, we created and utilised icons that would best outline what the workshop provided. We illustrated all iconography inhouse for a more bespoke experience and focussed on what would complement the new colour palette.


Building the site on WordPress from scratch allowed us to keep in line with our approved designs, as well as add in additional features, such as the Instagram feed featured on the landing page. Once we had all pages built, we published the new redesigned website.

What client has to say about working with us.

“Working with InaHive has been excellent. We have many regular customers praising the new website on how much time they have saved by booking online. On top of that, we have seen an increase in new customers which has provided the business with stability and significant growth.”